Friday, 20 October 2017
webAIRS Information Threads

ASA NSC 2017 Perth

WebAIRS Session and workshops. October 7-10th 2017
WebAIRS session – Anaesthesia safety: Chair Dr Gregory Deacon
Why should I report, anyway? It's always been this way! Dr Avery Tung. University of Chicago
Anaesthesia Incidents and Anaesthesia Safety: a Summary of the First 4000 Reports to WebAIRS. Prof Neville Gibbs
How to Improve Safety during Anaesthesia: Making Effective Changes after the Analysis of Incident Reports. Dr Martin Culwick

WebAIRS workshops Monday 9th October. Dr Martin Culwick

Dr Martin Culwick, Dr Avery Tung and Prof Neville Gibbs.

NZSA ASM 2017 Rotorua Nov 8-11th 2017

First 4000 Webairs cases. Dr.Martin Culwick. Session G. Extremely loud and incredibly close - Dangers in everyday practice. Friday, November 10, 2017. 9.00 - 10. 30am.

Dr Martin Culwick

ANZCA ASM 2018 Sydney

WebAIRS presentation and workshops. May 7-11th 2018

Dr Martin Culwick